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Quantum Mechanics - Waves, Fields & Particles [USC-WR-1309.0176]

Published September 29, 2013

Quantum mechanics is not simply a branch of physics or some direction in science. Quantum mechanics is a very different conception on the reality around us and about our place in the world. To understand what it means, here is an example of such idea: if two interrelated electron are divided by space as big as the universe, and we affect one of them, the second electron instantly react to changes with the first. This is not a signal between them - it is the relationship as a single whole system. If we bear in mind that the universe came from the one Big Bang, then the whole reality surrounding us is a single entity, and everything we perceive is the design of this whole.

01.Potentiality (8:51)
02.Mechanica (5:29)
03.Annihilation (2:03)
04.Particle Diffraction (5:04)
05.The Big Bang (6:21)
06.Superfluidity (7:40)

Composed by Quantum Mechanics.
All instruments programmed, keyboards and synthesizers played, music written and arranged Alexey Markov.
3D modelling by Ellen Meiselman. Artwork by Anna Riet.

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